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A message from the founder

I started The '80s TV Themes SuperSite in early 1997 when I was a student at Stanford University. At the time, I was applying for a job as a web developer on campus (this was Silicon Valley during the 1990s), and wanted to have a page up to show I had experience with web design.

The inspiration for the content came from a few videotapes my family had lying around from the days when we first owned a VCR. I happened to be jogging through them looking for room to tape something when I realized how memorable and fun a lot of the commericals, promos, and themes were. So, I put some of my favorites up on the site.

Well, I got the job developing web pages, but the site snowballed when a reporter from The Washington Post profiled it. The hits poured in, and I started receiving massive amounts of content from collectors across the country and around the world. Many of them worked in the industry, but all shared an appreciation for preserving some of the more unique items online. Now, the site houses a unique collection of primary sources of 1980s history and reviews/criticism of the work not found anywhere else in public or private collections.

Over the years, the site has continued to be featured in the media, including The Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Toronto Globe and Mail, CNN, WFAA-TV, and Entertainment Weekly.

I have moved on to other things, but still enjoy hearing comments from people who enjoy the site. Due to the volume, I can't promise a response, but do get around to reading each of them. I can be reached at <karimzad@stanfordalumni.org>

-Brian Karimzad


A lot of you have old videotapes from the '80s gathering dust at home. They're a gold mine of sounds for the site. If you have some you want digitized, or don't want to bother to look but want to contribute, email 80stvthemes@gmail.com.