The Price is Right

Here it comes! The fabulous 60 minute Price is Right Bonus Page!

By popular demand, I have recorded and assembled a number of classic Price is Right cues never before heard on the Internet. All of them are clean and announcer free, and most contain portions never heard on the air, as TPIR has edited most of them.

While these represent only a very small number of the dozens of TPIR cues, they are some of the most familiar from the show. I have tried my best to gather information regarding where each cue is used, but as you know, TPIR often uses the same cues for many purposes. If you have any additions or corrections, please do email me, as I would like to be as accurate as possible. Special thanks to Jake Tanner and John Ricci, Jr. for their musical knowledge.

As always, you need the Real Audio player.

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Amen, Brother Herbert
Upbeat music often used with watercraft prizes.

The Bean Stalker
Car music at its finest, used on games like Lucky Seven, Any Number, and 10 Chances.

The piano portion of this music (sans the horns) is often used to describe grocery items on games like Hole in One and Checkout.

The Big Banana
Standard Showcase music. Sometimes a portion is used when giving away cars, as well.

Item Up for Bid music.

Car Music
Another classic piece for cars...

Car Music
Original 1972 piece that hasn't been used in a very long time.

The Cats
A couple of Plinko prize cuts are in here, also Item Up for Bid music.

Come on Down '75
The second-generation Come on Down Music.

Come on Down
The current, third-generation arrangement....this music is also contained in 'Walking.' (previously displayed on this site)

Deja Vu
Can't recall hearing this one in recent memory...

Dig We Must
This contains the 2nd Showcase Showdown outro/Showdown Bonus Win music....the order is different than what you hear on the show.

Item Up for Bid music, parts are also used for Plinko prizes.

Family Feud (1994)
The jazzy opening music from when Dawson returned. Something similar is used as a Price is Right car cue today. Jewelry Music (1983)

Jive Walk
Can't recall hearing this one in recent memory...

Losing Horns

Main Theme
Sheila Cole's classic theme, previously displayed on this site.

Main Theme- Never Aired
Previously displayed on this site, this 'speeded up' version of the theme from 1983 never aired.

Main Theme- Syndicated Version (1994)

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour
Previously displayed on this site, this music is used for cars on TPIR.

Used when giving away spas and saunas.

Can't recall hearing this one in recent memory...

Item Up for Bid music.

Rye Bred
Prize music for games like Clock Game and Magic Number.

Music used for the cheap pre-car prizes on 10 Chances and Any Number. This is often followed by "The Bean Stalker" as car music.

Second Thoughts
Used for Most Expensive and One Right Price prizes, among others. Also, the flute portion has been used as an IUFB cue (evident in the Amana freezer blooper shown on specials).

Often used for the 'better' showcases. (previously on this site)

Similar to the above Showcase music, this is also often used on the better showcases. (previously on this site)

Standard Showcase "Furniture" music. Check out Scott Walker's great lyrics to this piece!

Spring Waltz
Item Up for Bid music, sometimes associated with jewelry.

Standard Showcase music; also sometimes used for prizes on Credit Card.

Tachlen (sp.?)
Can't recall hearing this one in recent memory....

Trip/Vacation Music (1983)

Trip/Vacation Music (1983)
A rather uninspired cut...

This contains the third-generation (current) Come on Down music, along with music used for grocery items on games like Grand Game.

The Promise of Florida
Price is Right cue composer Edd Kalehoff penned this piece for the state of Florida. It's here to let you hear the similarities to the style of the TPIR cues he composed.

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