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For sound effects (buzzers, dings, you name it), visit the Game $how $FX Archive.

$10,000 Pyramid

$25,000 Pyramid
Featuring the rarely heard bass cut

The All-New Let's Make a Deal (1984)

All-Star Blitz (1985)
Very annoying music! Listen at your own risk.

The Better Sex (1977)
This theme ranks right up with 'All-Star Blitz' on the annoying scale.

Blockbusters (1980)

Blockbusters (1987)

Body Language (1984)

Body Language Contestant Plug (1984)
You will recognize this as a jazzy version of the Classic Concentration theme.

Break the Bank (1976)

Opening music

Closing music (long)

Bullseye (1980)
This cut has more of the bassline emphasis at the end.

Bullseye car prize cue (1980)

Bullseye win/bonus island cue (1980)

Card Sharks/Double Dare
Improved, long opening music

Card Sharks/Double Dare
Ending (there is a noticeable amount of tape noise/hiss in this file)

Card Sharks (1986)
Opening music

Child's Play (1982)

Child's Play (1982)
Closing music

Classic Concentration
The opening music

Classic Concentration (1987)
The closing music.

Classic Concentration (1987)
Closing music with a piano twist towards the end.....a great download!

Classic Concentration (1987) In Stereo Where Available
Same as above, but in stereo.

Dating/Newlywed Game
Upbeat, catchy prize music composed by Chuck Barris for the '70s versions of these shows.

Double Dare
Remember that show on Nickelodeon? Here's the complete theme.

Double Dare
60 second obstacle course music

Double Dare (1988)
Physical Challenge bed.

Family Feud
The original theme from the 1976-85 Richard Dawson era

Family Feud open/faceoff cue (1976)

Another Family Feud faceoff cue (1976)

A third Family Feud faceoff cue (1976)

Family Feud
The updated 1988-94 version from the Ray Combs era

Family Feud (1994)
The jazzy opening music from when Dawson returned. Something similar is used as a Price is Right car cue today.

Family Feud (1994)
The closing music from Dawson's return in '94-'95.

Fun House (1988)

Go! opening and closing. (1983)

Headline Chasers (1985)

High Rollers intro (1987)

New Hollywood Squares opening (1986)

New Hollywood Squares closing (1986)

New Hollywood Squares audience plug (1986)

New Hollywood Squares (1988)

Hot Potato
The opening music

Hot Potato
The closing music


The original smooth theme from 1984 with the neat electronic opening

Jeopardy! (1984)
A GREAT promo bed used when the show entered syndication in 1984. Very upbeat, and somewhat similar to the theme used on the show today.

Jeopardy! (1991)
I couldn't stand this when it first came out...but it's grown on me.

Jeopardy! (1997)
It may be new, but it certainly has an '80s flavor to it.

Joker's Wild (1972)
"The Savers"

Jokers Wild (1978)

Jokers Wild End (1978)

Joker's Wild plug/commercial out (1978)

If it's prize music from the Joker's Wild you're looking for, look no further than the Joker's Wild Music Page. All the cues are there, uncut and audience-free.

Joker's Wild (1990)

Match Game (1973)
Paul in North Carolina kindly recorded this classic theme, as heard on the air, off of an old CBS affiliate promo reel. If the sound is scratchy, turn the volume control on your RealPlayer half way down, and use your computer's master volume to adjust.

Match Game (1973)
An alternate version not often used on the air.

Match Game (1990)
Opening music

Match Game (1990)
Closing music

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (1983)
Contestant cue

Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (1983)
Fee plug.

Mindreaders (1979)
As close to stereotypical game show music as it gets.

Now You See It (1974)
"Chump Change," as heard in both the '74 and '89 versions of the show.

The 1979 music

Press Your Luck
The opening music

Press Your Luck
The full closing music

Price is Right music has its own BonusPage filled with cues!

$ale of the Century
The original 1983 opening music

$ale of the Century (1986) (w/applause)


Second Chance (1977)
This show is the short-lived predecessor to 'Press Your Luck.'

Shopping Spree (1995)
Okay, so it's not '80s, but it's a good theme none the less.

Shopping Spree (1995)
Okay, so it's not '80s, but it's a good theme none the less.

Strike it Rich (1985)

The opening music from 1984

SuperPassword (1984)
The magnificent closing music.

Tattletales opening and closing (1982)

Tattletales (1974)

Tic Tac Dough (1978)

Tic Tac Dough (1978)
Music used when heading over to the board w/ the dragon just before the bonus game.

To Tell the Truth (1980)

To Tell the Truth (1990)

The New Treasure Hunt
Chuck Barris closing music.

Trivia Trap (1984)

Trump Card (1990)
Yes, it's from 1990, but it's definitely a carryover of the late 1980s' glitz. Good music from Score Productions.

Wheel of Fortune (1983)

Wheel of Fortune (1983)
Shopping music.

Wheel of Fortune (1983)
Prize music.

Wheel of Fortune (1989)

Wheel of Fortune (1992)

Word Play (1987)
The full theme, in the clear.

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