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Hallmark (1983, video)
Courtesy David D.in New Jersey, this video has a sentimental, but addictive soundtrack.

Hallmark (1982)
If you liked the music above...you'll love this. It's the full-length version of the music.

Hanes (1983)
Ladies...."Gentlemen prefer Hanes."

Hellmann's (1984)
Bring out the best

Hershey's (1980)
A classic. "Hershey's is...the Great American Chocolate Bar!"

Hershey's (1980, Video)
An eclectic group of peoplw from across the country sing about The Great American Chocolate Bar.

An early laid-back version of the campaign.

Hershey's (1984)
A country version of 'The Great American Chocolate Bar'

Hi-C (1983)
Retro commercials are nothing new. The '80s were full of flashbacks to the '50s, like this one.

Holiday Inn (1984, video)
Holiday Inn goes on a capital spending spree.

Hostess (1984)
Great taste to go.

I Love New York! (1977)
Here's the song that got one of the most successful tourism campaigns ever off the ground.

In 'n Out (1981, video)
Southern California's best-kept secret...tasty In 'n Out hamburgers.

JCPenney (1985)
You're looking smarter than ever

Juicy Fruit (1983)
The taste is gonna move you!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (1983, video)
A team of girls wins the softball championship...and they're not in the mood for dry chicken! Notice the 'right' to chicken done right tag line and trilling flute...playing off growing patriotic sentiments. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (1984)
You've got a right to chicken done right

Kentucky Fried Chicken (1984)
Remember when they used to have people lip-sync to 'We do Chicken Right?' Here's a neat file to refresh your memory.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (1984)
We do chicken right!

Kleenex (1985, Video)
Kleenex says, 'Bless You.'

Kool-Aid (1984, video)
Kool-Aid is for a kid's big thirst!

Kraft Cheese
A quick ID for Kraft...America spells cheese K-R-A-F-T.

Kudos (1987)
Hard to believe Kudos have been around this long... LA Beer (1984)
Epitomizes '80s beer commercials. FYI, Anheusier Busch was challenged in court over the right to use the 'LA' name by the city of Los Angeles. The company defended itself by saying 'LA' stood for 'Low alcohol,' but lost the case, spelling adios for the beer.

Lee Jeans (1983, video)
Philadelphia Phillies superstar Mike Schmidt runs the bases in his pair of Lees..."the brand that fits."

Liberty Mutual Insurance (1986)

Life Cereal (1985, Video)
'Mikey likes it.' Although the commercial was aired in 1985...the footage of Mikey dates back to the 1970s.

Like Cola (1983, video)
Kevin Dobson of 'Knots Landing' takes on a Pac-Man lookalike in this commercial for 7-Up's caffeine-free entry to the cola market.

Lipton Cup-a-Soup (1987, Video)
America's cup.

Mastercard (1984)
A Vegas-style commercial.

Maxwell House
Late '70s, early '80s rendition of the Maxwell House percolating jingle. Has an odd instrumental track following it that doesn't quite fit in. Don't know what it was used for. Courtesy David Gross.

Maxwell House (1982)
Ray Charles sings this one. Not one of the highlights of his career...

McDonald's (1980)
Full-length 'Nobody does it better than McDonalds can' campaign song. Thanks to David Gross. McDonalds (1981)
"Best Friends"

McDonald's (1982)
We're America's favorite!

McDonald's Big Mac (1983)
Leader of the pack

McDonald's Christmas (1984)
The music from that classic spot where the kid gets surprised by Ronald McDonald on an ice rink, accompanied by the animated characters of 'Bambi.'

McDonald's (1985)
"It's a Good time for the Great Taste"

McDonald's (1985, Video)
Remember 'The Hamburglar?' He makes an appearance with Ronald and friends in this video.

McDonald's has New Coke (1985)
What happens when America's two biggest advertisers of the '80s do a commercial together? Take a listen.

McDonald's (1984)
"America's Meat and Potatoes" commercial aired during the L.A. olympics.

McDonald's 30th Anniversary (1985)
A special duet

McDonald's (1985)
Big Mac man

McDonald's (1985)
The Double Cheeseburger

McDondald's (1986)
Remember the McDLT?

McDonald's (1988)
Vocal for the country-inspired 'Good Time...Great Taste' campaign. There's a great vamp about halfway through.

McDonald's (1988)
To coincide with the launch of its 'Good time..great taste' campaign, McDonald's gave out promotional records featuring this song, featuring all the items on the menu. If the singers could sing it all the way through, you won the grand prize.

McGruff (1986)
It was a different day and age...singing to say no to drugs.

M&Ms Christmas Music (1983)

MIlk (1978, Video)
Milk is a natural!

Milk (1984)
A great jingle from 1984, "Milk's got more!"

Milk (1984)
A variation of the "Milk's got more!" jingle

Milk (1985)
Milk's got kick!

Miller Beer (1983, video)
I-Bankers in New York get ready for a Friday afternoon baseball game. It's Miller time!

Miller Canadian (1984)
When Miller beer got introduced to Canada, they made this great commercial. Guess Canada has more restrictions on alcoholic beverage than the States.

Miller Lite (1984, video)
It's the Rodney Dangerfield of baseball...Bob Uecker in one of many Miller Lite commercial appearances.

New York Mets (1985)
They predicted the future when they said 'catch a rising star.' The Mets took the World Series the next year.

Nissan (1984)
Major motion.....from Nissan!

Nissan (1987, Video)
Only in the '80s would people dance in the streets for third-rate family cars. This commercial is a feast for the eyes!

Orange You Smart? (1982)

Oreo (1983)
It's a creamy lickin' chocolate sensation

Ovaltine (1985)
"I can't get over Ovaltine," and neither can 'DJ Brian,' who passed along this classic.

Pennsylvania Sings (1980)
That's legendary commercial voice Florence Warner doing the lead.

Pepsi (1970)
Pepsi pours it on...this jingle sounds ahead of its time, as do most of the '70s Pepsi jingles. The instrumental halfway through makes it a must-download. Courtesy Steven P.

Pepsi (1973)
Pepsi's got a lot to give.

Pepsi (1975)
C'mon and have a Pepsi Day...with this light and airy jingle. Courtesy Steven P.

Pepsi (1976)
Catch that Pepsi Spirit with the full-length vocal. Courtesy Steven P.

Pepsi (1976)
Catch that Pepsi Spirit...with another arrangement.

Pepsi (1978)
Feeling free.

Pepsi Light
From the pre-Diet Pepsi days.

Pillsbury (1988)
Yummy. Microwave side dishes.

Pitch In
The legacy of the '60s.

Planters Corn Chips (1984)
"I never said no to Fritos."

"Plymouth makes it." With ad campaigns like this, no wonder they ran into trouble during the late '70s and early '80s.

Plymouth (1987, Video)
This commercial epitomizes America's turnaround during the 1980s...it was the introduction of the minivan by Plymouth in 1984 and Taurus by Ford in 1985 that put the American auto industry back on top.

Polaroid (1982)
Sentimental full-orchestral song for Polaroid.

Pop Tarts (1985)
They're moving their feet to the Pop Tarts beat.

Pound Puppies (1985)
Your one and only puppy love.

The Promise of Florida
Price is Right cue composer Edd Kalehoff penned this piece for the state of Florida. Has a neat instrumental bed that has many of the traits of his work for TPIR.

Raisin Bran (1984)
Two scoops of plump juicy raisins in Kellogg's Raisin Bran!

Raisin Bran (1985, Video)
One of my favorite commercials. Tugboat operators just can't wait to come back for their 'two scoops.' The music is great.

Red Lobster (1983)
For the seafood lover in you

Right Guard
An instrumental bed for commercials.

Safeway (1986)
I work an honest day, I want an honest deal.

Sometimes easy to forget that cigarette ads were allowed on television until 1971...

Sears (1983)
One of my favorite commercials. This upbeat tune launched the "There's more for your life" campaign.

Sears (1984, video)
David D. in New Jersey brings us this classic video, featuring the lovely Cheryl Tiegs, and golf champion Arnold Palmer, all centered around the "There's more for your life" campaign.

Sears (1984, video)
Where else can you get your car fixed and go shopping for furniture and appliances at the same time? There really is 'more for your life at Sears.'

Signal Mouthwash (1983, video)
Signal if you feel more mint.

Slice (1985)
The drink just left the shelves, but it's still new here with this great song.

Special K (1982)
Can't pinch an inch on you.

Sprite (1986)
I like the Sprite in you!

Nissan Stanza (1982)
You can cross your legs in a Nissan Stanza

Stove Top (1983)
Based on the tune, "Comedy Tonight"

Sure (1984)
The epitome of '80s commercials; Raise your hand if you're Sure!

Tab Cola (1982)
"What a beautiful taste!"

Tasty Cake
Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tasty Cake.

Thornapple Valley Hot Dogs
There's a smile in every bite!

Time Magazine (1984)
Read Time and understand

Toys 'R' Us (1983)
I want to be a Toys 'R' Us kid!

Toys 'R' Us (1985, Video)
Don't miss Geoffrey the giraffe!

TR3 (1983, video)
A really bad commercial...featuring overnight star Mr. T. They probably planned, shot, and edited this spot during someone's lunch break. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Tropicana Pure Premium (1984)
Squeeze me a glass of Tropicana

Twix (1987)
Keep on movin...with Twix.

USA Today (1983)
Brings you the USA

USA Today (1985)
Take a listen as celebrities like Willard Scott, Dihann Carroll, and Charles Schwab (yes, Charles Schwab) sing. They 'read it everyday.'

Virginia Lottery (1990)
First commercial

Welch's (1982)
It quelches your thirst...

Wendy's (1986)
Kool and the Gang say we should "Choose Fresh...Choose Wendy's"

Wrangler (1984)

Wrigley's Spearmint Gum (1985, Video)
Get the little lift.

Cool tune from the late '70s for Wyler's drink mix.

Yamaha Car Audio (1982)
A really nice r&b song.

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