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Albuquerque Perspectives (1981)
Nice Aaron Copland-sounding music here...courtesy Steven P. I misspelled Albuquerque in the file.

American Airlines (1982)
Pure '80s. The vamp at the end is great, and there's no announcer.

American Airlines (1982)
A longer, full-vocal version of the above.

American Airlines (1982)
A short full-vocal version.

American Airlines
Here's a neat instrumental piece with the melody to their 'Something special in the air' campaign. This particular cut was used for corporate training videos.

American Express (1982)
Country music's Gatlin Brothers sing this one.

Amoco (1982)

Amtrak (1983)
All aboard Amtrak!

Apple IIC (1985, Video)
Before he was chairman of the Fed, Alan Greenspan appeared in this commercial for the Apple IIC. Interesting that only now are the services he's talking about widely used.

Apple Jacks (1981)

Avon (1986)
Look how good you look now!

Barbie (1985, video)
Women reached new heights in the '80s...and this commercial spells it out. Watch for the gymnastics scenes, likely inspired by the success of Mary Lou Retton at the 1984 Olympics. Courtesy Pipeline News Music Factory.

Barrel Head Root Beer (1982)

Bell System
Full-length version of the timeless late '70s/early '80s 'Reach out and touch someone' campaign.

Bell System (1980)
Also featuring 'Reach out and Touch Someone.'

Bell System (1983, video)
Upbeat 'Reach out and touch someone' spot featuring a boy telling his grandfather about his home run. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Beneficial (1983, video)
Rather sugary ad for a consumer lending company. Catchy none the less.

Big Red (1984)
Give your breath long-lasting freshness

Bubblicious (1984)

Budweiser Light (1981, video)
Before 'Bud Light' there was 'Budweiser Light' with the 'Bring out your best' slogan.

Budweiser (1985)
This Bud's for you!

Burger King (1978, Video)
The 'best darn burgers in the whole wide world' have everyone singing.

Burger King (1982)
The full length vocal that launched the Aren't You Hungry? campaign.

Burger King (1983, video)
Burger King and Pepsi unite.

Burger King (1984)
Aren't you hungry for the Burger King Croissanwich?

Burger King (1984)
The Double-Deluxe

Burger King (1988)
Great vocal to introduce the "We do it like you'd do it" campaign.

Burry Cookies
I've got the Burry blues...

California Schools
A 1985 song that epitomizes the cheesy side of the '80s

Canada Dry (1982)

Canada Dry Ginger Ale (1982)
Catchy music for sugar-free Canada Dry.

Canada Dry (1984)

Care Free (1985)
Feelin' good about yourself...feelin' Care Free!

.Chase-Manhattan Bank (1980)
"The Chase is On," thanks to David Gross. With phrases like "in the race against inflation," this song dates itself. The hardline anti-inflationary monetary policies of Fed chairman Paul Volcker didn't take hold until the recession they caused in 1981-82, which marked the end of The Great Inflation of the 1970s.

That wasn't the thought of the millions of people in unemployment lines, but his actions, combined with conservative fiscal policies, put America on track for the realtive stability and prosperity we have enjoyed for the last 15 years. Okay, enough of the economic history lesson...

Cheese, Glorious Cheese! (1983)
Bryant Gumbel (who can't stand cheese) would cringe at this one.

Cheese, Glorious Cheese! (1987, Video)
Go ahead...pour it on!

Chef Boyardee (1986, Video)
Kids sing 'I want hot stuff.'

Chevrolet (1984)
Live today's Chevrolet

"Coming through." This one dates to the early '70s...when speed limits were high, gas was cheap, and cars were large. Little did they know what lay ahead for 1973...

Chuck E. Cheese (1981)
You can smile America!

Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints (1984)
My teacher told me I should never tell a lie.

Citrus Hill Select
A catchy 1985 tune

Clorox 2 (1986)
The Carribbean-sounding commercial

Close-Up (1985)
Want love? Get Close-Up

Coast (1984)

Have a Coke and a Smile (1981)

Coke is it! (1982, Video)
A visitor to the site writes...

"The boys in that commercial were borrowed from a local Boys Club in my area (I was going there at the time, but missed the day that the commercial was filmed...it's the Boys Club located in Richmond, VA on Robinson St.). We used that same bus for going to a camp called "Camp Little Hawk" during the summer time.. (Btw, that is not where the commercial was filmed, as there was no barn there)."

Coke is It! (1983, video)
A team wins the baseball championship...and they overwhelm a small diner. Fortunately, plenty of Coke is on hand. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Coke is it! (1983)
This one featured a girl aspiring to be an olympic gymnast.

Coke is It! (1983)
The premise for this one is tryouts for the olympic ski team.

Coke is it! (1983)
Christmas commercial....I'd like to buy the world a Coke is part of the verse.

Coke is it! (1984)
A soul-sounding version.

Coke is it! (1985)
A great commercial for New Coke with Bill Cosby. The music is superb.

Coke is it! (1985)
A great full vocal for New Coke.

Coke is it! (1985)
By the hit group 'New Edition'

Coca-Cola (1987)
Is a part of your life...Can't beat the feeling!

Coca-Cola (1987)
Is a part of your life...Can't beat the feeling! (a second version)

Coca Cola Classic (1987)
Rememebr "you can't beat the feeling"? This commercial has a catchy instrumental bed and features the voices of Brian Bonsall (Family Ties) and Art Carney (The Honeymooners).

Coca-Cola (1990)
The "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" commercial aired during Super Bowl XXIV.

Corn Flakes (1983)
Sit down with a familiar face!

De Beers (1982)

Delta Airlines (1983, video)
Watch for Jason Alexander of 'Seinfeld' in this spot.

Dial Soap
Aren't you glad you use Dial? Pure late '70s/early '80s sound.

Diet Coke (1984)
Just for the taste of it!

Diet Coke (caffeine free) (1985)
It doesn't get more '80s than this.

Diet Coke (1985)
Just for the taste of it! (an updated version from 1985)

Diet Coke (1987)
Whitney Houston sings "Just for the taste of it."

Diet Mountain Dew (1987)

Diet Rite
People who don't need it drink it.

Diet Pepsi (1986)
'No other taste attracts so much attention.'

Disney World (1986)
The cast of the Cosby Show sings along to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

Dr. Pepper (1979, video)
Be a Pepper!

Doublemint Gum (1983)

Doublemint Gum (1985, Video)
You remember those twins in the green swimsuits...

Duncan Hines (1983)
Two-fingered frosting tastes even better on your cake!

E.F. Hutton (1983, video)
When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.

Emery (1983)
If you like the song '9 to 5,' you'll love this commercial.

Emery (1983, video)
This commercial is noteworthy for the amusing stereotypes of people in various professions...in this case a fashion designer, video tape editor, and lawyer. Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Equal (1984)
Tastes great straight!

Exxon (1980)
Energy for a strong America. Patriotic tune from the days when OPEC's monopoly held the world hostage.

Eureka Vacuums

Extra gum (1984)
An early commercial for Extra sugarfree gum.

Extra gum (1985, Video)
Although this commercial aired after the above...they called it 'new' here. You have to love a gum that hasn't changed its package since it was introduced. The melody in this spot was used for many years.

Fig Newtons (1982)
Neat tune...."fruit chewy, Fig Newtons." Has a touch of that retro-'50s sound that was popular during the mid-'80s.

Want to see how American automakers turned around as gas prices fell during the '80s? Compare this commercial from the late '70s to the one below, from 1985.

Ford (1985)
The full 'Have you driven a Ford, Lately?' vocal song.

Ford Tempo (1983, video)
Imagine this: a Ford Tempo doing loops on a stunt track. You have to see it to believe it! Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Freedent (1983)
Freedent's the one that took the stick out of gum.

Frosted Flakes (1984, video)
"Show 'em you're a tiger." I'm not sure if this was a source of inspiration to any of today's female athletes, but that was the goal of this spot. Kellogg's stopped focusing its Frosted Flakes marketing effort on kids in the late '80s, with the 'taste adults have grown to love' campaign. They bolstered that in 1999 with a series of clever spots featuring neurotic adults obsessed with Tony the Tiger.

Fruit Wheats (1986)
The 'in' cereal.

Gatorade (1984, video)
The sports classic, "Gatorade is Thirst-Aid." Courtesy Jodie in South Carolina.

Early '80s rendition of the entire 'We Bring Good Things to Life' campaign.

General Tires
Sooner or later, you'll own Generals.

Get in Shape Girl! (1985)
very '80s!

Gillette Good News (1983, video)
Before Mach 3 came around...the pitch was "two blades are better than one blade."

Greyhound (1982)
One of the better 15 second spots I've heard. Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us.

Greyhound (1982)
A relaxing soul version of the 'leave the driving to us' campaign. Well orchestrated.

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