Air dates: 1978-1991

The Dallas theme qualifies as one of my all-time favorites. Jerrold Immel did a fantastic job with this piece, making it as classy as the show itself.

A special thanks to John Reesman who generously provided these FANTASTIC themes. Also a Texas-sized thanks to Chris Caudle for recording them.

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1978 Miniseries Pilot music (Video Version)

1978 Pilot Closing Theme

1978 Theme (Video Version)

1978 Closing Theme

1978 Theme (mid-season variation)(Video Version)

1978 Closing Theme (mid-season variation)

1979 Theme (Video Version)

1979 Closing Theme

1980 Theme

1980 Closing Theme

1981 Theme

1981 Closing theme

1982 Theme

1982 Ending Theme

1983 Theme

1983 Closing theme

1984 Theme
My top pick!

1984 Closing Theme

1984 Theme (mid-season variation)

1984 Closing Theme (mid-season variation)

1985 Theme

1985 Closing Theme

1986 Theme

1987 Theme

1988 Theme

1988 Theme
Mid-season variation

1989 Theme

1989 Theme
Mid-season variation

1989 Theme
Yet another mid-season variation

1989 Theme Closing music.

1990 Theme

1990 Theme
Later variation.

1990 Theme
One of the closing themes used during the last season.

1990 Theme
The long closing music used on the series finale. A very interesting arrangement.

1996 "JR Returns" Theme

1998 "War of the Ewings" theme

Hollywood Hits Orchestra (1993)

A great custom mix that features the signature guitar section from several seasons. Try it!

A neat Musak rendition of the theme

Jacob Boxer's Dallas custom opening sequence in RealVideo!

Dallas Movie (1980)
Jacob Boxer has put together another fantastic video, this time of the fall 1980 opening, at the peak of the 'Who Shot JR?' suspense.


The Dallas MEGASite
A great launchpad full of everything Dallas. Don't miss this one!

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